Let us give you more leads and help you grow your business.

Do you lose potential new pupils because you can't answer the phone while you're instructing?

We think you'll agree that pupils are less likely to call you back if you don't answer the first time they call.

Our New Pupil Management services are only available to driving instructors and our sole aim is to help you convert more pupils.

Our professional, friendly and fantastic (well, we would say that!) team have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the learner driver sector, (we've been in the business since 2008) so will comfortably be able to answer driving related questions from your pupils.

What we offer:

Telephone Call Handling and Live Chat for potential new pupils accessible via -

  • The New Pupil Widget for your website
  • Your web page on our driving instructor directory

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New Pupil Widget. Your Sales Force – you only pay if we find you new pupils.

How often do you miss calls when you're instructing? If your phone rings when you're teaching you could potentially be losing new pupils. If you miss a call from a potential pupil it's unlikely they will call you back and by the time you get round to calling them they've probably gone with another instructor.

Our New Pupil Widget will ensure you won't miss out on new pupils. The widget will be placed on your own micro-site we'll give you which looks something like yourdrivingschoolname.ADI-Support-Services-4All.co.uk. Pupils will get to this by clicking a button on your website (don't worry we'll give you the web code for this, and we'll help you to get it setup).

The widget will be directed at new pupils and encourage them to click it if they want more information about booking lessons. Once clicked, the widget will ask your pupils relevant questions, recommend your most suitable lesson package and give new pupils the option to speak to someone on Live Chat or to book over the phone. Live Chat will be handled by us and the phone calls can be handled by us or you – you choose the days and times of day when you'd like us to handle your calls.

We'll book new pupils for you and then we'll call you to pass on their details. And the best part is you'll only need to pay when we pass you new pupil details.

We only charge £18 (the typical cost of a driving lesson) for what we call a conversion – this is every time we book a new pupil for you. The widget is free so if we don't get you any new pupils, you won't pay anything.

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  • Convert more pupils and grow your driving school
  • Enhance your website with the New Pupil Widget
  • Only pay for new pupils
  • A local telephone number that we answer
  • Your own sales force
  • You control when we take your new business calls – you choose the days and times of day when you'd like us to handle your calls
  • No need to divert your number
  • Simple!

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Advertise yourself and your driving school.

Our ADI directory (Find a Driving Instructor) makes it easier for learner drivers to find out about you and your driving school.

You can be a part of our driving instructor directory by simply joining our Partner Scheme for free. You'll get a full web page advertising your driving school, which learner drivers will find after going to our Find a Driving Instructor website and entering their location.

And just like the New Pupil Widget, we can handle your telephone calls for you and answer your Live Chats, so in essence we're your virtual office.

Advertising your driving school with us gives you the same benefits as our New Pupil Widget as well as increased online presence for your driving school.

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Live Chat. Provide excellent customer service.

Engage with new pupils in real-time even when you're in the car instructing. How can I do this, I haven't got super powers? As part of the New Pupil Widget and driving instructor directory, you'll get Live Chat, which will allow us to manage and speak to potential pupils for you.

Live Chat is the fastest way for potential pupils to contact you and all you need to get started is the New Pupil Widget. Young people often prefer online communications to telephone conversations.

Why should you use our New Pupil Management services?

It's simple - more leads, more pupils and more money.

Our innovative New Pupil Management services are completely free to use and you only need to pay for the pupils we convert for you. What's there to lose?

Our fee is only £18 for every new pupil we pass you. You'll need to pay this before we reveal any pupil details to you. So, for the cost of a typical driving lesson you're potentially getting the pupil's business until they pass!

You remain in complete control too, as you can decide with a single click which telephone number is displayed on the widget and on the Find a Driving Instructor website – your own number or our number.

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