FACT: We've helped hundreds of thousands of people PASS their theory*

* Figures based on candidates that have signed up to www.drivingtheory4all.co.uk

Broaden the support you can offer to your pupils. And watch your business grow.

We know most pupils aren't interested in learning their theory but we think you'll find that our package is the most comprehensive available and will make light work of the task.

Our flexible online theory training gives you a great opportunity to help your pupils pass their theory test first time and make money at the same time. You do the selling and we provide your pupils with all the support they need.

We are a DVSA Crown Copyright holder which means we can supply your pupils with the latest official practice material and hazard perception videos for the Car, Bike and ADI Part 1 theory tests.

With all of our online theory training accounts, you and your pupils will be able to take advantage of our live progress reporting and website widgets. As long as you have Internet access you'll be able to see your pupils' live scores on any modern device, at any time.

Adding our widgets to your website is really simple to do (we're happy to help you with this though) but can give your business an affordable competitive edge and enrich your website. From this widget, your pupils will be able to login to revise for their theory test, meaning all of their training is done within your business.

Our clear and easy-to-follow pricing means you can either pay for single accounts as and when you need them or you can multi-buy Car and Bike theory training accounts for substantial discounts. You can charge your pupils whatever you like or include it within the price of your lessons to attract new pupils – we don't mind!

Giving your pupils access to their online theory account is easy. You can activate accounts for your pupils from your very own instructor area from anywhere, on any modern device, even when they're in the car with you. You can even give your pupils a 24 hour free trial, granting them access to 1 mock test and 15% of the practice material. You may then get pupils to sign up for a full account who might not have done otherwise.

Theory training accounts initially last for 90 days but you'll get free of charge extensions, which means your pupils will get unlimited access until they pass. It's up to you whether or not you charge for the extensions.

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Benefits for you, the ADI...

  • No joining fee or ongoing commitment
  • Join for free and get 1 free practical test cancellation account and 3 free online theory training accounts as an introductory offer
  • Broaden the support you can offer to your pupils and watch your business grow
  • Gain a competitive edge and enrich your website with our website widgets
  • Help your pupils pass their theory test first time
  • Activate unlimited free trial accounts for your pupils
  • View your pupils' progress from anywhere, at any time, on any modern device
  • Extend your pupils' theory accounts from your online instructor area
  • Pupils and parents can monitor progress
  • Car and Bike accounts from as little as £4.50 each when you multi-buy
  • Simple!

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Benefits for your pupils...

  • The most comprehensive package available
  • Everything your pupils need to pass their theory test
  • The official up-to-date DVSA practice questions, answers and hazard perception videos
  • 68 extra hazard perception videos to help your pupils perfect their hazard perception skills
  • Learning aids for every learning style, including English voiceover, word highlighting and tracking, picture-based learning and text explanations covering every DVSA question
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Help from our Support Team whenever needed

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Access anytime, anywhere, on any device. All you need is an Internet connection.

You can use www.drivingtheory4all.co.uk on a laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone, which is great news for your pupils because it means they can learn whenever, wherever. Whether your pupils are on a bus, at home, or at school/college/work, as long as they have an Internet connection they can revise.

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Individual accounts or multi-buy? Decisions, decisions…

It's like choosing a mobile phone plan, but it's simple to understand and you can always change your mind.

We offer two options for buying our online theory training:

  1. Pay per account (payment as and when you want a single account) – Available for Car, Bike and ADI Part 1
  2. Multi-buy (reduced payment upfront for a specific number of accounts) – Available for Car and Bike

If you choose to multi-buy, you'll get more Car or Bike accounts for your money – in fact you could get each account for as little as £4.50.

We understand that you have pupils at different stages of the learning process so you don't always know how many of them will need theory training in a given month. This is the problem with buying theory accounts monthly. With multi-buy you don't have to guess how many theory accounts you'll need in a month as you have 90 days to activate each account.

Interested but don't have any pupils needing to take a theory test at the moment? You can join us for free and use us when you need to.

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How does it work? It's quite simple really.

  1. YOU choose from an individual account or one of our multi-buy options on our Buy page and then register for our Partner Scheme for free OR... YOU register for our Partner Scheme first and choose one of our theory training options as and when you need to
  2. YOU activate your pupil's online theory account
  3. YOUR pupil has immediate access and can start revising on their smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop
  4. YOUR pupil can contact our support team if they need any help
  5. YOU can track your pupil's progress and give them feedback
  6. YOUR pupil passes their test or YOU can extend their account (and charge them again if you want)
  7. Simple!

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