The essential website widget toolkit.

Do you ever feel like your website is missing something? Perhaps you don't even have a website. Either way, you can still make use of our website widgets.

Here comes the geeky bit - a widget is just an application (i.e. login area for your pupils) that takes up some space on a web page. If you want to use any of our website widgets, we'll give you your very own sub-domain web page for your driving school which will look like

If you already have a website we'll give you the web code for your very own button to add to your website. This will take your pupils to containing your widgets.

If you don't have a website this web page will essentially act as a mini-website for you and you can direct all of your pupils to

Our widgets are designed specifically to give existing and potential pupils the best possible experience when visiting your website. They are also mobile friendly so can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Our widgets...

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Pupil area for your Online Diary

This widget is everything your pupil needs to track their lesson and overall driving progress. This is a fantastic tool for parents to monitor how their son or daughter is doing. Your pupil will also be able to view lessons they have booked with you but they won't be able to view your full diary.

Communicating with your pupils about lesson changes can be time consuming but with our electronic messaging service pupils can send messages to you and receive messages from you. You can send and receive these messages from your online instructor area. This is a perfect way to discuss anything driving related with your pupils.

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Pupil login for online theory training

If your pupils are using our online theory training they'll be able to login using this widget. The benefit for you is that your pupil can revise for their theory test without ever having to leave your website.

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Pupil login for test cancellation search results

You can give your pupils access to our driving test cancellation search results. This will show your pupils when we searched, which test centres we searched at and what we found.

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Ecommerce Widget for online payments.

Can you take payment from pupils on your website? You can now!

This Ecommerce Widget will take payment from your pupil - all you need is a PayPal account. The widget will link to your PayPal account (we only need the email address of the account) and the pupil's payment will go directly to your PayPal account.

This is ideal if your pupil is booking a block of lessons or an intensive course and you need to take a deposit perhaps from a parent or guardian.

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New Pupil Widget

Our New Pupil Widget will ensure you won't miss out on new pupils.

The widget will ask potential pupils relevant questions, recommend your most suitable lesson package and give them the option to speak to someone on Live Chat or to book over the phone. Live Chat will be handled by us and the phone calls can be handled by us or you – you choose the days and times of day when you'd like us to handle your calls.

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Driving Informational Pages Widget

Finding it difficult to keep your website content up-to-date? We can do this for you with our driving specific Informational Pages Widget. These pages are maintained and regularly updated by us in line with the most recent information.

These pages include advice from how to apply for a provisional licence through to the cost of a theory and practical driving test.

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